For information about Database contact
Denise Robertson   (631) 344-5055
Rick Buono   (631) 344-3005
The PXDB Database is devised to provide experimenters with the ability to capture information
related to data collected at the NSLS.   Tools to manage, view, anotate and track information
about your projects are available as well.

The participating beamlines are: X8C, X12B, X12C, x25, X26C, and X29.

How to proceed?

  1. LOGIN to your Group  (or create new group)
  2. This brings you to the PX Web Task Selections screen, where you can request beamtime, submit end-of-run forms, manage your groups and projects, view visit status logs, and view reports based on your sweeps/experiments.
  3. From that location you will be able to Request Beamtime  (Rapid Access or Mail-in).

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