PXRR Staff
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Stu Myers

Physics Associate, User Support
Joined PXRR in 2002

tel: (631) 344 7444
page: x 7401
fax: (631) 344 2741

Biology Department, Bldg 463
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton NY, 11973

Current Activities:


(1) User support of PXRR operations throughout the facility.

(2) Carry out impovements at beamline X26-C.

(3) Assist data collection/analysis in mail-in crystallography projects. See: Mail-In Program

(4) Advise and train fellow PX support staff. Developped training modules and schedules.

(5) Carry out control experiments and sub-system evaluations, with a current emphasis on beam shutter and detector performance.

(6) With Matt Cowan perform computer and network test, evaluations, repairs, and upgrades. Emphasis is on the upkeep of detector computers.

External Resources: Dept of Applied Physics, Columbia University

Center for Inquiry, New York

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