PXRR Staff
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Neil Whalen

PXRR/Crystallography Support Staff
Joined PXRR in 2006

tel: (631 344 7444
page: x 7401
fax: (631) 344 2741

Biology Department, Bldg 463
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton NY, 11973

Current Activities:


(1) User support of PXRR operations throughout the facility.

(2) Maintain and develop experimental equipment.

(3) Troubleshoot and carry out preventive maintance of coldstreams and other experimental equipment.

This coldstream maintenance and service cart was jointly designed and built by Neil Whalen and Tom Langdon. Here it is in use during the NSLS shutdown and maintenace period of 2010/11. Two Oxford CryoSystems cold heads are beeing evacuated simultaneously.

The cart is equipped with with a small Pfeiffer turbo pump station and a vacuum manifold. It includes pods for two cold heads and their lances. Relevant tools and spare parts are also carried on this mobile service station. Its nifty layout has made maintenace work more efficient and saver and has reduced clutter in the laboratory.

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